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Manually intensive accounts payable procedures significantly impact a business’ bottom line, with companies spending huge amounts each year processing invoices, performing purchase order matches, addressing defects and responding to vendor inquiries.


Ancora Software’s accounts payable (AP) automation solution, AncoraDocs Invoices, enables enterprises to significantly lower the processing cost per invoice and gain improved financial management. By leveraging Ancora’s advanced technology and optimization experience, you can effectively automate your full accounts payable process while still retaining control. AncoraDocs converts invoices to digital format, capturing data and posting payment information to ERP and accounting systems.




Reduces your cost per invoice by improving payment accuracy, increasing productivity and shortening cycle times

Increases visibility into outstanding liabilities, invoice status and AP process performance

Reduces reliance on human accuracy when entering information into systems

Benefits from intelligent invoice recognition, line-item and header matching capabilities for purchase orders, invoices and receivables


Multi-level Approval Settings


Automated data capture and validation processes eliminate repetitive data entry tasks and guarantees your valuable information is captured accurately. Ancora’s user-defined workflow further reduces costs by streamlining your processes to ensure faster throughput. On-screen work lists notify employees and supervisors of important information, including payment due dates and number of reminders received – this not only ensures payments are made on time but also helps companies take advantage of better cash flow management. Customized reports provide increased visibility into cycle times, bottlenecks, employee productivity and allow for workload balancing and month-to-month and year-to-year analysis.


AncoraDocs Invoices is the best choice on the market for handling accounts payable procedures, reducing costs and letting you focus on what you do best: your business. Our software can be customized to address any company’s specific needs and requirements. We help ease the burden of managing non-core operations, enabling you to take a more strategic view – ensuring accounts payable activities contribute to your company’s bottom line objectives.



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