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Streamline the entire lifecycle of

contracts from internal contract

requests to final signatures and archiving.

Contract Management



Expedite contract approvals

Automate review and monitor all steps in the contract life cycle.


Create and reuse standard digital contract templates to eliminate repetitive work.

Track responses and changes between internal and third-party stakeholders.

Enable multiple stakeholders to simultaneously view the most current contract versions every time.

Set up automatic reports for contract renewals or amendments.



View, edit, sign and approve contracts from anywhere

Get contracts and agreements approved faster with mobile access.

Review contracts from any internet-connected device.

Email shortcuts of contract drafts to required parties so everyone can review the same document.

Use digital signatures to approve contracts from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Approve contracts with automated review workflows.



Quickly respond to every contract request

Immediately find information to answer inquiries at any stage in the contract process.

Retain contracts only as long as required by industry and corporate regulations.

Instantly find items when a vendor, auditor or third party requests information.

Automatically run searches for contracts that are missing signatures and other information.



eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Contract Management

Learn how to automate every step of processing, approving and storing contracts.


Download E-book: The Ultimate Guide to Contract Management


Managing complex contracts doesn’t need to involve complex administrative work.
This handbook offers an introduction to creating paperless contract management processes that curb costs,
improve productivity and reduce delays in contract negotiation and approval.


Inside this guide, you’ll get:


1. Five proven steps to identifying and solving contract bottlenecks.

2. An overview of the seven stages of the contract lifecycle—and how to automate each one.

3. Advice on streamlining multi-department review and versioning.

4. Before-and-after examples from two large organizations.


In addition, you’ll receive:

        Examples of filing structures and contract templates to standardize contract storage.

        Real workflows used to expedite contract processing and approval.



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