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The Digital Pen is a data capture tool that automatically digitizes handwritten information and interprets it into text and numeric data with an image and metadata archived and/or moved to other databases. This technology optimizes the basic, yet essential, process of managing handwritten forms and eliminates the need for manual keyboard entry or scanning.



Formidable is an easy-to-use pen and forms processing technology that can help you capture your field data faster and more securely than ever. A digital pen, together with paper or any iOS, Android or Windows device, can record an exact image of your handwriting and the form it was written on. The pen, converts your handwriting to text and wirelessly, or through a USB port, transfers and synchronizes the data to your RMS, ERP or CRM. Now, all authorized personnel can easily access this information. This simple, streamlined solution lets you concentrate on your investigation, not data entry.



The Pen


The Digital Pen looks and writes like a traditional ballpoint pen. However, it contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor and a mobile communications device for wireless connectivity. When using the digital pen you capture, store and securely send the handwriting.


When writing, digital snapshots of the pattern on the paper are automatically taken (more than 50 pictures per second). Every snapshot contains enough data to determine the exact position of the pen and what it writes or draws, including the time each pen stroke was made as well as which particular paper form it was written on. All of this data is then retained in the pen’s memory as a series of coordinates. The pen can store over 50 full A4/Letter size pages of handwritten data.



The Paper


Handwritten information is no longer locked in a form. All types of ordinary paper can take advantage of this technology. To make paper digitally legible, a patent-protected dot pattern form is added before printout.



The Pattern


Almost invisible to the naked eye, the special pattern consists of numerous intelligent small black dots that can be read by the digital pen.
The pattern indicates the exact positions of the digital pen. The pattern on each paper has a unique identity so that each page can be kept separate from another.



Boosting Efficiencies


• Capture information automatically as you write with no loss of productivity.

• Easy traceability. All information automatically combined with stamps to identify time, pen user and the exact form used.



Cost Effectiveness


• Eliminating or automating processing steps means significant cost savings.

• Secure, high quality information capture and processing – removes costly correction routines and reduces risks for errors.

• Data processed as it happens, no costly peak hours.

• Low investment cost, fast implementation, easy scalability and flexibility.

• Easily integrated with databases.




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