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Streamline the administrative duties

of civilian and defense agencies.

Federal Government


Reduce administrative costs and resources

Securely digitize government contracts, case files, employee documents and more.

Assign templates to public file types to simplify document sorting, search and retrieval.

Enable multiple employees to access and edit the same file simultaneously.

Build automated review and approval workflows for case management, accounts payable processing, contract management and procurement.

Connect Laserfiche documents to GIS applications, ERP systems, human resources applications and financial management
systems for fully integrated document access.



Streamline records management and control

Use DoD 505.2-Certified Transparent Records Management to automate the entire document lifecycle.


Create custom views of records repository based on personnel roles and departmental needs.

Automatically log all system activity, including the creation, modification and deletion of information.

Reduce the time and costs of e-discovery with instant, enterprise-wide search.

Use whiteout redactions to protect confidential information when responding to information requests.



Simplify organization-wide transparency

Quickly access, add and update information to file folders, regardless of format.

Standardize data capture with intuitive, customizable electronic forms.

Provide document access on Section 508-compliant public web portals viewable from a variety of mobile devices.

Easily find information in federal databases and third-party applications to simplify filing, indexing and processing.



Protect information security

Shield confidential information with granular security controls.


User-level security: Specify exactly who can view, modify or delete documents with unique security credentials.

Document-level security: Maintain classified information within and about files using whiteout redactions, security tags and more.

System-level security: Guard settings and communication between applications with data encryption, volume checksums and secure web deployment.




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