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The GO! utility makes it easy to share information, meet compliance requirements, or just go on the road with your content. Export PDF’s and native files by date range, folder, or even with an advanced search query. The simple browser based interface makes your content universally portable and able to be placed on any media for distribution or storage.



Basic Folder Tree Export


The tree method gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what folders are included. Select an entire tree
or a single folder with a simple checkbox interface. Shortcut, Annotation, and Redaction Options



Compliance Export


Many organizations, especially financial services need to periodically archive their content including all index/metadata to Write-Once Media.


The GO! export utility specifically addresses that requirement in a straight forward, repeatable process that includes
embedded data integrity, and validation checks.


The operator selects the Date Range and Template(s) to be archived, and GO! does the rest.


Alerts and full reporting on items that can’t be exported, like Laserfiche references that have no associated pages
ie) template only, and/or corrupt files.


The Compliance Exporter also gives you a list of items that have ”No Template Assigned”, so you can find, and fix the documents that were not indexed correctly. Lastly, GO! makes sure that a file was exported for every for reference created in the web-based report.


GO! Compliance Exporter combined with a free encryption tool like TrueCrypt make for an unbeatable repeatable Financial Services Solution.



Advanced Query Export


Need something more than our Folder or Compliance options?

Just make your own export using a standard Laserfiche Advanced Search Query.

Any search you perform using your Laserfiche Client can be copied directly into the GO! utility to create a custom export.


If you’re feeling brave just write your own query and use our Syntax Checker to double check your work!


Last but not least, every export option includes the calculate statics button to give you a document count and approximate size so you know if it's time to break out the Blu-Ray burner!



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