Leaders in Document Management & Business Process Automation


Digitize student services and improve

the efficiency of administrative offices.

K-12 Education


Eliminate paper filing and storage

Reduce the cost, time and effort spent finding, sorting and archiving student paperwork.


    Eliminate the need to copy, transport and store paper documents.

    Reduce manual data entry by automatically extracting data from student information systems (SIS) and state databases.

    Store and access complete student files, including enrollment paperwork, report cards, sports records, lunch vouchers and
all other paperwork in one system.



Automate district-wide administrative processes

Improve the efficiency of back-office procedures while cutting operating costs.


Accounts Payable: Digitize and streamline accounts payable processing from purchase order all the way to vendor payments.

Human Resources: Capture, centralize and distribute all personnel files from one central repository

Facilities Management: Enable staff to upload photos and access facilities management documentation on site using mobile devices.



Enforce consistent, compliant student recordkeeping

Maintain the integrity of confidential student records and comply with DoD 5015.2, FERPA, HIPAA and CIPA regulations.

Automate records retention schedules and eliminate the need for physical record archives.

Apply document-level security to maintain different levels of access for each type of document within a personnel or student file.

Log system activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Improve response times for record requests with direct access to transcripts, disciplinary actions and reports.



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