Leaders in Document Management & Business Process Automation


Improve client service, attract top

advisors and satisfy audit requirements.


Wealth and Management


Reduce the costs of managing paperwork

Streamline time-intensive business processes, including new account opening, suitability approval and exception handling.


    Create paperless workflows for new account opening, correspondence review and more.

    Automate administrative work such as accounts payable processing, HR onboarding and more.

    Reduce data entry errors by automatically populating client information from incoming paperwork.

    Cut filing and mailroom costs with a central, digital repository for all client documents.



Simplify audits and control compliance costs

Track all transactions and communication to comply with SEC and FINRA policies.

    Capture, secure and retain all advisor communication, including e-mails, blotters and social media posts, in one place.

    Automate ongoing compliance, check and security log creation.

    Provide auditors with instant access to digital records.

    Gain secure, centralized control over document filing, retention and disposition.



Streamline client review and approvals

Instantly transfer, view and verify client paperwork.

    Retrieve documents and locate information instantly.

    Enable busy clients to view documents through customizable online portals.

    Locate, review and send client and advisor documents beyond the office from the secure Laserfiche Mobile app.

    Use built-in digital signatures to electronically sign documents on mobile devices.



Integrate with CRM and wealth management systems


Create one technology hub for advisor productivity by integrating Laserfiche with key applications like Junxure®, SalesForce®, Laser App® and Microsoft Dynamics®.

Track all e-mail correspondence using out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Office and Exchange.

Automatically create file structures when new client records are created in CRM systems.

Securely validate, process and store Laser App forms in Laserfiche.



Financial Business Advantage

Specifically tailored for Registered Independent Advisors (RIAs) and Independent Broker/Dealers ( IBDs) to improve productivity and ultimately provide an enhanced  advisor/client experience.  Document management and business process automation play a key role in the efficient execution and delivery of fundamental advisory activities. Read more...

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